¿How can I wash my duckkiss?
As soon as you arrive home, we recommend you washing your swimsuit or bikini with a liquid soap for delicate clothes and cold water, which eliminates chlorine and salt. Do not use very hot water (it damages the fabric, shrinks it and fading it), do not use detergent powder neither (it is more aggressive and hardens the fabric), nor softener (it makes fibers and elastics), nor washing machine (the fabric wears and loses color).
¿How can I keep my Duckkiss for more time?
Some simple tricks that will help you extend the life of your duckkiss are:

  • Take special care when applying the bronzer to avoid leaving stains on the edges, as some of these creams or sprays have dyes that dirty bathing clothes and are very difficult to remove.
  • Avoid sitting or touching the swimsuit on rough surfaces that could scratch the fabric.
  • Avoid sitting directly on the lawn, which could stain the fabric if the lawn is wet (and will not be easily removed).
  • Avoid sitting on the seashore for a long time, as the sand will enter the fabric and leave a stain that can also damage the fabric.
¿How can I dry my Duckkiss?

The best way to dry your swimsuit or bikini is in the open air, on a smooth surface so that it does not deform and in the shade so that the colors are not fade. If you can only lay it in the sun, it is advisable to put it upside down so that the sun’s rays do not hit directly on the visible part. Above all, not use dryer because that destroys the elastic fibers.

¿How can I save my Duckkiss?

Before saving your swimsuit or bikini for the following season it is recommended to wash it by hand and with warm water, rinsing it well but delicately and leaving it to dry outdoors. For prolonged storage it is also advisable to give it a second washing in the washing machine with a cycle for delicate garments and without softener, letting it dry perfectly. When it is completely dry, store it in a hermetic bag or soft cloth bag in a drawer or in a box, and ensuring that it is not too pressured with other clothes

¿How can I buy my duckkiss?

Buying in the online store of Duckkiss is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

1- Enter the section of online shop and choose the clothes you want to buy.
2- View our complete information, where you will find more photographs and details related to on sizes and price.
3- Add the item you want to buy to the basket using the purchase button. Then you can choose to continue buying or process your order.
4- If you wish to process your order you can make the payment, confirm your order and, immediately after, you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to track your order until you receive it.

¿How can I choose correctly my duckkiss?


All duckkiss swimsuits are ONE SIZE. They adapt perfectly to size S and M, which is equivalent to sizes 34-36-38 (EU).


Duckkiss bikinis are available in two sizes:

  • S:  that equals sizes 34-36 (EU)
  • M: which corresponds to sizes 36-38 (EU)

To check your size, see our Size Guide

¿How long could the shipping time be ?

If all the items in your order are available, you will receive it within 24-48 working hours from the order confirmation (for shipments within the peninsula). In the case of shipments to the Balearic Islands, the delivery will be made between 48-96 working hours.

¿How can I follow my shipping?
As soon as we start preparing your order, we will send you an email with the delivery information and a link so you can follow the shipping of your online order.
¿What types of payments are accepted?

You can make the payment of your purchases by Credit Card or PayPal.

¿What can I do if I want to return my products?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with what you have bought in our online store, you have 14 calendar days from the date of purchase to return it. Consult the process that you must follow for the return in our Shop Guide

¿What can I do if my product doesn't arrive?

If your order does not arrive on the scheduled date, please contact Duckkiss Customer Service via email hello@duckkiss.com.com